About Dr. Scott Noren

I was born and raised in Illinois but have been a New Yorker since 2004. I am an Oral Surgeon by day

Dr. Noren's background


Dr. Scott Noren, 57, lives in Ithaca, NY with his wife and two of his 4 children.  In his spare time from a busy Oral & Maxillofacial practice and family life, he wrote two proposed Bills, one on student loan reform and another a small business loan program to stimulate job growth in anticipation of trying to take over this NY U.S. Senate seat. 

Dr. Noren has served on the Surrogate Decision-Making Panel of NYS for several years, serves on his local Dental District Committee and the State Hospital Dentistry Committee. Dr. Noren did his undergrad at University of Illinois at Chicago, Dental School at Loyola University of Chicago and Oral Surgery Residency at University of Missouri Kansas City. He served 6 years non-combat in the US Army and practices Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Ithaca, NY. He is the father of a special needs adult daughter who has autism and seizure disorder. Dr. Noren and his wife are very knowledgeable through experience on raising an autistic child and all the intricacies of doing so. Dr. Noren is a second generation American of Ukrainian-Russian immigrant grandparents. His father served in the Korean War and his mother was very active in the Jewish War Veterans organization in Chicago. 

Dr. Noren's top issues

His main focus is on major student loan reform including capping student loan interest at 3%, better domestic jobs and renewal of manufacturing; a better clean energy policy; much more affordable and quality healthcare; maintaining a strong military but advocating for stronger world alliances. We need leadership that reflects our core values, not lobby-money influenced career politicians.

END HIGH STAKES TESTING IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS! More teacher driven, autonomy in teaching and letting teachers drive the design behind each student's IEP with parental involvement!

Dr. Noren's involvement

Dr. Noren has been a local activist as well as advocating for changes in our national healthcare system for years. He has also been involved in the clean energy movement as well. He serves on the New York State Surrogate Decision Making Committee.

Dr. Noren began as a Fracktivist, supporting a federal ban on Fracking since 2009. He has a modest following on Facebook under his ‘Federally Ban Fracking’ page and has attended many anti-fracking rallies and demonstrations over the years. This activism progressed to his joining the local Democratic committees. Over the years, he noticed that legislation to help with student loans, small business capital, women’s equality and more, was talked about but never passed by Senator Gillibrand.

Women deserve equal pay for the same jobs that men hold; instead of just talking about this as Senator Gillibrand does, he wants to actually enact legislation that will help on this issue.

Dr. Noren writes a small medical column in his local community magazine and is involved with the opioid drug crisis, offering some unique insights to tackling this national emergency.