2nd Amendment Rights

I, as President Obama, believe in the 2nd Amendment. I don't believe in weaponizing citizens that have mental health issues.

NYC should not have separate gun laws from the rest of the State

There should be uniformity and there should be a statewide concealed carry screening process and the ability to legally concealed carry Statewide.

Law enforcement should work more closely with the public

If a friend, acquaintance, family member or stranger exhibits potentially violent behavior, there should be an easy link/online method for citizens to contact law enforcement to identify gun ownership immediately. 

Brandishing laws are necessary but poorly written

Accidental exposure of a concealed carry firearm should NOT be prosecuted. Intentional brandishing is what the law was meant for. This law needs tweaking.

2nd Amendment Advocacy should not be viewed as radical

As you can see from my picture to the left, even a progressive POTUS can be a 2nd Amendment supporter, yet not be fanatical.