President Obama's Statement

I, as President Obama, believe in the 2nd Amendment. I don't believe in weaponizing citizens that have mental health issues.

I, Scott Noren, was a victim of gun violence in that I had a 9mm pressed up against my forehead in an armed robbery when I lived in Illinois. I definitely believe in prosecuting crimes like these to the highest degree. In my case, this criminal was NOT prosecuted until he committed yet another armed robbery and went to prison for that. 

NYC should not have separate gun laws from the rest of the State

There should be uniformity and there should be a statewide concealed carry screening process and the ability to legally conceal carry Statewide. Restrictions should remain in place on prohibiting carry into certain buildings.

Law enforcement should work more closely with the public

If a friend, acquaintance, family member or stranger exhibits potentially violent behavior, there should be an easy link/online method for citizens to contact law enforcement to identify gun ownership immediately. MY comment on this given the last mass shooting is that there is a severe disconnect between members of groups that have a concern like they did in the Florida school, law enforcement (in this case the FBI) and allowing a background check to go through on mentally unstable individuals. Nothing is perfect, but time and time again we hear of multiple people with red flags having guns displaying either violent posts on social media or acting like the student in Florida did without any immediate intervention from law enforcement. 

Brandishing laws are necessary but poorly written

Accidental exposure of a concealed carry firearm should NOT be prosecuted. Intentional brandishing is what the law was meant for. This law needs tweaking.

2nd Amendment Advocacy should not be viewed as radical

As you can see from my picture to the left, even a progressive POTUS can be a 2nd Amendment supporter, yet not be fanatical. We really need a much better common sense approach to this issue and it needs immediate common sense actions. However, each week that goes by gives tragic realities that guns with huge lethality are still getting into the hands of unstable people. This needs to be dealt with aggressively.